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CLEVELAND, OHIO – Architects provide valuable insights to commercial clients when they are savvy to the latest technology available in commercial buildings. Automatic doors are no exception. Automatic doors can do a lot more these days than open and close; they can help provide security. High-tech add-ons now include retina identification, surveillance systems, integrated alarm contacts, battery backups – almost like an automatic security guard.


Biometric technology uses physical attributes like eye retinas and fingerprints to positively identify individuals. Automatic doors integrated with biometric technology can scan the visitor’s eye or finger. If the system finds matches in its database, then the visitor can pass through the door; otherwise, the system sounds an alarm, and the door remains closed.


Small doorjamb-mounted cameras can be used to record a wide range of events at the door, including unauthorized entrance, theft attempts, and door tampering. These cameras can be added to a new or existing door. Many times, these doorjamb cameras can identify individuals easier and faster than even traditional ceiling-mounted cameras due to proximity to the target.


Alarm contacts integrated into automatic doors provide a high-level of perimeter security. Alarm contacts provide the ability to monitor all door openings, and they provide a single circuit connection for security integration. In fact, security professionals often request alarm contacts on automatic doors. Alarm contacts can be specified when ordering a new door package or can be retrofit into an existing automatic door.


Integrated battery backup devices have become a must-have for retailers and others with automatic doors. If there is a power outage during business hours, the battery backup continues to provide power to the automatic door. If there is a power outage outside of business hours, the battery backup device helps ensure the building remains secure and theft-free.


Architects can specify these high tech add-ons on a new automatic door or as a modification to an existing door in a remodel.


For more information about automatic doors and their high-tech capabilities, visit the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers at http://www.openingdoorsforarchitects.com






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