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CLEVELAND, OHIO – A survey by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers reveals that 98.9% consumers would prefer automatic doors over manual doors for convenience. Hospitals, airports, hotels/motels, shopping mall entrances and retail stores rounded out the top five most important locations for automatic doors; however, the association has seen automatic doors used often in some less common settings. Architects can provide some valuable insights to clients by suggesting automatic doors, not just for the convenience of coming and going, but for noise reduction, climate control, and increased productivity.


Making Work Easier In Industrial Buildings

Automatic doors save time and hassles in warehouses and other facilities, allowing forklifts and carts to roll through quickly, improving productivity of employees. Because the doors close automatically, air temperature and air quality remain consistent, helping to save energy and keep buildings comfortable.


Helping Healing To Begin In Healthcare Facilities

Automatic doors have been designed to meet the needs of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Interior corridor doors open quickly for fast access in emergency situations. Intensive care rooms, with glass panel automatic doors, provide maximum patient visibility while allowing patients to rest peacefully, undisturbed by nearby noise and activity. No wonder more and more medical facilities utilize automatic doors throughout their interiors.

Assuring A Safe Stay In Hotels

Large hotels are required to have fire doors in corridors, but these fire doors don’t have to be manual. Fire-rated automatic doors can improve access throughout the building, while reducing noise, and maintaining heating and cooling. Plus, automatic doors can help reduce complaints of drafty hallways and noisy doors opening and closing at night.


Proving Tasty Benefits To Restaurants

Many restaurants benefit from automated doors. When placed between the kitchen and dining area, automatic doors help keep kitchen noise and clutter away from hungry guests. Plus automatic doors make it easier for servers to carry trays, avoiding the need to pull and push against kitchen doors.


It’s no surprise that more and more people think of convenience, climate control, productivity, noise reduction, and more when they think automatic doors.


For more information about automatic doors and how they benefit many architectural projects, visit: www.openingdoorsforarchitects.com


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